Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sharing our story . . .

As Superintendent I have multiple opportunities to share our story with community organizations.  Though I would much prefer to share our learning journey, the current need is to convey to the members of these organizations the over crowded conditions in our schools and the vision leading to the proposed bond measure.

These are important opportunities that require a balance of information delivered in between twenty and thirty minutes.  In that time we must create a rationale that will resonate with the listeners of why we need additional capacity and how the bond measure will meet our capital project needs.  We must also share the major projects included in the proposal and walk the tightrope of the options being considered if we are unable to increase our student housing capacity.  Sounds simple, but it takes many hours to find that necessary balance in the allotted time.

I am finding it more difficult this time to find that balance and thank my central office colleagues for listening, providing feedback, and suggestions as we get ready for the morning Rotary presentation.  I want to share with you that we are starting by answering the question of why we are in our current over crowded state.  The message we want to convey is that our academic success is the driver for our current reality.  The over crowded conditions are a byproduct of this success.  Below, are a couple of the slides we are using to convey this message.

With this recognition and the quality communities in our school system families see ours as a desirable place to live and raise a family.  New students results in a growing enrollment that we have for years accommodated with a 1997 bond measure and by adding portables.  Our lack of success in passing subsequent bond measures leaves us in our current over crowded conditions.  If we had not experienced the academic success and ratings such as those above, we would not find ourselves asking the community to support a bond measure.  Though these are difficult times and this is a very large request, I much prefer our current reality to the one that would result from less success and no ratings.

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