Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blog post feedback . . .

First, thanks to the board members and Dawn for sharing a comment on my Sunday post about our learning journey with the board.  Getting comments is rewarding to me as it suggests that something I have put out for others to consider was worthy of a response.  The comments capture the importance of the focus that we have created around capacity to engage deeply on issues of importance to the school system.

Another rewarding experience related to my blog is when an organization will use excerpts in their magazines.  This has happened a number of times with the latest in the October 13th issue of School Administrator from AASA.  They must have someone that actually reads member blogs looking for excerpts that they feel might generate some feedback and conversation.  Best of the Blogs for this month is shown below.  I guess I'm fortunate that they used that part of the post and not one where I share more private thoughts about the mandated teacher evaluation process.

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