Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bond conversations . . .

I have shared our bond story with the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce since I posted last week and shared my concern with balance in the presentation.  I have also attended two VOTE Committee planning meetings and met with the Seattle Alliance to discuss the new high school planning and constuction process.  Focus on the bond measure is escalating for me and for many of you as we approach the November 5th election date

So, what am I learning from these conversations?  In the two most recent presentations, those in attendance see the connection between our quality school system and the health and growth of the larger community.  One would expect this as the majority of the attendees are business people.  Many see the bond not as another tax, but as an investment in the future of the community that will pay dividends down the road through increased business opportunities and a healthy community.

In VOTE Committee planning meetings I am observing a small number of dedicated people assume responsibility for passing this measure by educating the community to our needs and how the proposed bond vision will allow us to build upon what is already a good school system.  Through these presentations and conversations I find myself on a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes feeling very positive and at other times very concerned with our capacity to create a sense of urgency and the understanding needed for an informed vote.

I am interested in what you are learning and feeling as you engage with others in the community.  Please consider sharing your thoughts and feelings in a comment to this post.

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