Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hoping for the football trifecta, plus . . .

I'm sitting at home waiting for the BIG game to start, yes that is right, at home not at the game.  More on that later.  The Bears won big on Thursday against Bethel and yesterday the Huskies took care of business against Illinois.  Now, it is time for the Hawks to make it a perfect weekend of football for me.  I'm thinking good thoughts and deciding if I'll wait to post until after the game or push the button and then enjoy the game.

Ok, now for the "plus" part of the post and why I'm not at the game.  Friday night we attended a wedding rehearsal plus dinner and last night we attended the wedding of our son and his beautiful new bride.  As part of our gift, we provided the honeymoon package at the Seattle Hilton until they head for Las Vegas tomorrow morning.  And, yes, I gave up my ticket so that they could attend the game this evening.  Now, that was a sacrifice, but well worth it.  They are great kids!

So, my daughter and her husband and my son and his new wife are at the game ready to lend their voices to a new world record noise level at a sporting event.  And me?  Well I'm at home lounging in front of the TV thinking about the thunder I heard earlier and listening to Al Michaels set the stage for the big one.  My Grandson is next to me and Granddaughter across the room.  Not bad after all.

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