Sunday, August 19, 2012

World Humanitarian Day . . .

I learned on Larry Ferlazzo's blog that today was declared by the United Nations as World Humanitarian Day.  The video is a song sung by Beyonce at the UN titled I Was Here.  It is well worth the few minutes to watch and will make you think.

I live my life in a small spot on this earth with so much to be thankful for and I often lose sight of those other places on this earth with far less.  Those people without food and clean water living in a constant state of fear due to war and civil conflict.  Those others with more, but who also want more and aspire to be like me.  How long can we continue as global citizens of this earth to expect the "others" to be satisfied with their current reality?  How long is it until their aspirations for a better future will directly influence our future in ways that we will feel, see, and hear?  How much longer can this one earth support our small space while others try to replicate that same space?  These are questions truly worthy of our efforts to provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the adaptive solutions this world needs in the future.

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