Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can it be football already . . .

I can't believe it, but football has started.  Tonight was the first preseason game of the year with the Seahawks beating the Tennessee Titans 27 to 17.  I don't normally go to the preseason games especially when it is 80 degrees out and it is a night game.  But, like many others, I wanted to see our new quarterbacks and our old quarterback Matt Hasselbeck as well as Jake Locker the former Husky.  Hasselbeck did not do well, while Locker was ok.  For us, the starter Matt Flynn was ok, but it was his back-up, rookie Russell Wilson who provided the highlights with a touchdown pass and a rushing touchdown.

It doesn't "feel" like football season, but it sure sounded like it.  It was pretty loud for a preseason game.  For me this is just the beginning with the Bears and Huskies right around the corner.

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