Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting closer . . .

In June I blogged about an ad-hoc committee commissioned by the board to look at how we can support all young people in being ready for successful transition to college and career.  Last evening we completed our third meeting of the summer with the full committee giving a smaller planning team feedback on a draft vision statement for the work.  The planning team spent three hours in spirited conversation using information from handouts and speakers representing Renton Technical College and the Boeing Company in drafting the statement.  The committee then spent about an hour reviewing the draft and providing feedback for the planning team to use next week.

The second focus for our work is to provide the board with a communication plan for educating the community on the need to consider other paths for success than pursuing the traditional four year degree.  Historically, we have struggled to engage large numbers of community members in major initiatives and we are determined to change this pattern with this important initiative.  Committee members provided the planning team with considerable input on both the structures that can influence this change and the people that must be involved in the community conversation.

The draft vision statement makes it clear that for success in this area we must collaborate with the broader community.  The existing mental model has been in place for years and is reinforced in difficult economic times like we are experiencing today.  Through the work of this group, we are on our way to providing the board and community with suggestions on how to answer this important question.

How do we partner with our community to ensure that ALL Tahoma High School graduates leave with a plan that provides options for success in post high school learning and work?

I will share the vision statement following consensus at the next meeting as well as components of the communication plan.  To give you some sense of what the committee is reading here is a link to a study we shared yesterday.

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