Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sharing a message . . .

This week adults in each building will come together to prepare for a new year.  I always look forward to observing at some of these meetings as the principals and teacher leaders share their work and the focus for the year.  This year I have been asked to share our College and Career Committee work over the summer with the High School and Junior High staff.  I don't often get an opportunity to participate in these meetings so I am looking forward to sharing our work.

I was also asked by one of our principals to replicate a conversation we had last spring where I provided him with feedback about the need for teachers to receive feedback as they work on our Classroom 10 goal. Though it will be difficult to generate the same conversation, I am excited with the opportunity and pleased that he wants his staff to see that he also needs feedback and that he views it as a form of support.

I miss coming together as a whole staff to start the year as we did before budget issues and lost days due to the budget problems.  It was a time for all in attendance to hear the same message and for me to reflect on what that message should be considering the scope of all that I could share.  For example, this year I would have needed to focus on Common Core work and the College and Career focus, things that I blog about.  The message needs to be shared, but now we will do it in multiple meetings using multiple voices.

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