Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Waiting for the results . . .

I'm anxiously waiting with many others for that first release. Now that there are no polling places I wish we didn't need to wait until 8:15, but no such luck.  It is now 7:50 and the board meeting has ended, so a half hour of waiting.  At least I am in good company with more on the way.

Not good! More voters, but only a 51% yes vote.  The optimism we were feeling was obviously misplaced.  This hurts, there are so many people that put in hundreds of hours, so it feels like a kick to the gut.  It's not good to dwell on it now, I'll need time to reflect and support the board in making decisions on moving forward.

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Stacy said...

We did our best. It's tough out there and no one can say we did not run a good race. Earlier, I mentioned one of things people were saying was, "They will never do the tract system, they are bluffing." Well... we shall see folks won't we? People have a hard time "paying it forward" these days, but I still think people mean well, deep down.