Thursday, April 14, 2011

Counting ballots . . .

The first count of returned bond ballots was made today. The results are promising because many believe that to be successful there must be a significantly greater return than we experienced in last spring’s levy election. Last year the number of returned ballots about two weeks before the election date was 3,065. Today’s count is 4,102 which is almost 50% of the total turnout last year of 8,259. Obviously, I don’t know the number of yes or no, but for me this is promising as I am one that believes success is only possible with more voters than normal for school elections. Hopefully, the trend will continue.

So, as of today The DREAM is still alive and the anxiety grows as we wait for that first count of yes and no ballots.

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Scott Mitchell said...

This is very promising. Everyone needs to put in the effort to make the big push over the next week and a half.