Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday wishes prompt learning . . .

I had a birthday on Saturday and woke up to multiple birthday messages from people who have friended me on Facebook.  As I have shared before, I signed up long ago for an account, but have done nothing with it and couldn't remember my password or sign in.  Well, the birthday messages embarrassed me into some sort of action.  I actually reset my password so now I can at least access my page.  Have not yet done anything, but I am going to start.

My concern is getting caught up in yet another time consumer.  This morning I had about 140 blog posts on my RSS feeds and about 45 e-mails.  What will Facebook add?  I guess its time to find out.  Look out Walt, here I come.  We can add this to the support I need getting the hang of the ipad and actually setting up an account at the Apple store.  World, here I come.  See, even at my advanced age it is not too late to learn.  Oh, in case you want to know I am now 63. 


crystal said...

First, a bleated Happy Birthday!

Second, facebook is a time-sucker. The advantages are that you can keep in touch with people and barriers like distance don't get in the way. The disadvantage is that you can easily get wrapped up in it all and not realize how much time you've wasted. Good luck finding the balance, I still struggle with it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and happy belated birthday! Facebook has been an incredible tool for staying in contact with old friends, however, if you're not careful, you can be sucked in to many of the time wasters. It is what you make it. :)