Monday, April 11, 2011

The importance of voting . . .

Ballots for our bond measure were mailed last week, I know I received mine. Now that people have received their ballots and are making decisions, what thoughts do you have on the potential for success of this measure? Given the current economic conditions and the large request, will it receive the 60% necessary for success?

It has been for me a much different experience preparing for and participating in the meetings to share our need and the recommended short and long term housing solutions. Many more people have engaged in the conversations and presentations than I have experienced historically, asking good questions and sharing their thoughts with others in the community. The need for additional space is not debatable. The answer to how we solve it will be determined by those that choose to vote and return their ballots. It is an important time in our community to decide what the future of our schools will be.

I’m both hopeful and skeptical at the same time. Hopeful, because of the tremendous support we have seen from so many in the community. Hopeful, because of the success we are experiencing and the accepted importance of the school system to the success of the greater community. Skeptical, because of the large dollar amount and accompanying tax burden that many will face given the difficult economic conditions. Skeptical, because of the district’s poor history with passing bond measures on the first try. Mostly, however, I am feeling good that we put forth a proposal to continue our work by placing students in quality learning environments with the flexibility to provide delivery models based on research and our learning, not driven simply by how we can house students.

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