Monday, March 10, 2014

Surprises me . . .

Thought you might be interested in this 2014 study from UNESCO on the daily wages of teachers.   I saw it on the Education by the Numbers Hechinger Report blog.   You may be as surprised as I was to find out that teachers in the United States are the sixth highest paid on a daily basis of the countries in the study. The methodology adjusts salary to reflect domestic purchasing power resulting in the ratings below.

I guess I'm surprised because of what we know about teacher wages in our country and the lack of information from other countries.  Though I find it interesting I don't see the need to analyze it or make comparisons such as the one below from the blog post.

The other interesting thing is that Asian countries, whose students top the international charts on PISA tests, don’t rank highly on this teacher salary chart. The highest paid teachers in Asia are in South Korea, the 21st county on the list.

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