Thursday, March 13, 2014

Difficult last . . .

Superintendent Dorn
Last night was another last as we celebrated Classified Employees in the sixth annual dinner.  This will be at the top of my list of most difficult lasts as this is an evening that means a lot to me.  People talk about leaving at the right time and leaving a legacy, something I give little attention to as my retirement date grows closer.  One exception would be related to this dinner and to the relationship that we have intentionally created with our PSE employees. I would be proud to be remembered as one individual who cared about and promoted the well being of these important contributors to our work.

In my career I have received a little recognition from outside agencies with two being important to me that I will always cherish.  The first is being recognized by PSE as Honorary Employee of the Year.  It is one of the few times that I have been surprised and that has touched me.  The second is last year's recognition by the Community Center for contributions to the community.  In this case the recognition was especially important because it was presented by Jim Flynn and Dave Pilgrim two individuals I have tremendous respect for.

Last night will be a cherished memory for me.  Barb's words of recognition touched me as she shared her thoughts when I announced my retirement.  Also present was Superintendent Dorn who was the last speaker and truly captured in his comments what is important to me.  I was very appreciative of the effort taken by PSE to have him attend for the entire evening and share in recognizing me.  Many know how I struggle with personal recognition, but last night was different.  I believe it was from the heart and when they stood to thank me it touched me and allowed me to be gracious in accepting their gifts and appreciation.  I take with me this lasting memory, an unbelievably beautiful quilt, and a pictorial reminder of my PSE recognition.

Many thanks for this memory.
Board members - Didem Pierson, Tami Henkel, Mary Jane Glaser, Tim Adam, Supt. Dorn

Yes, I can SMILE

PSE State President, Superintendent Dorn, Barb
Ruthie and Barb

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