Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quality the Tahoma way . . .

An article written by Casey Henry was published in Our Kids Our Future.  It is about our We The People team and their preparation to once again represent our state in the national competition in Washington D.C. this April.  This is a rigorous learning opportunity that takes time and commitment on the part of these students beginning in the summer before school starts and on the adults and former students who support their learning.

This is one of many programs where our young people and adults have experienced success and that contribute to the positive reputation that we have in this state.  Teacher and mentor Gretchen Wulfing has earned our respect for building and sustaining success over time with fewer resources than other top ten teams across the country receive.  She will be taking our team to Portland to practice with a team that receives support from a legal firm each year and that are consistently in the top ten nationally.  This support results in their D.C. trip being covered and also provides each of the teams with a personal coach throughout the year and at the national competition.  No fund raising and no needing to stay up until the early morning hours preparing the night before the competition for their team.

Gretchen takes on all responsibilities without complaint and is taking our program to the same level without the monetary and other support provided to many state winners.  She has a team of high school teachers, parents, alumni of the program, and community volunteers that assist her in this work and that deserve our thanks and admiration for their commitment to what is another example of a quality Tahoma program.  Over time we have increased support and are reaching out to the legal community in different ways to seek their support not just for our team, but over time for the state representative.

Thank you Gretchen and your team.  Good luck and know that we are very proud of you.

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