Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re-energizing through principal conversation . . .

It was one of those days where I spent very little time in the office so I'm doing email and correspondence at home, but my thoughts keep returning to our meeting with elementary principals this afternoon.  Our focus was on the reflection that they have been doing about the purpose of their work and what they and we must do as a system to support their aspiration to perform the functions of instructional leadership.

I started the conversation with six questions designed to place them in a position of being reflective about the current reality of their work and discovering the mental models and assumptions that drive their behavior and influence their capacity for adaptive thinking.  These are important, but difficult conversations because each of the six questions is followed by additional questions to dig deeper in an effort to discover those critical assumptions so powerful in influencing our thinking and behavior.  They shared these very personal reflections with each other and also in a more public way as there were eight others in the room observing the conversation.

I was energized during the meeting, but even more so, I was proud of the sharing, reflection, and suspension of assumptions that took place.  It reinforced my gratitude for the commitment that these principals bring to their instructional leadership journey and to the concern and compassion that they have for the young people and adults in their buildings.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to support their learning and to have a classroom of such dedicated learners.

Today was one for me that results in energy creation as opposed to energy drain.  I thank them for this opportunity and experience and eagerly await our next conversation as we seek those structures that will provide them with the leverage needed to close the gap between their current reality and aspiration to provide support for all teachers to grow in their profession.  

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Jonathan said...

Don't tell anyone, but reading the two books about the CCSS have been a source of energy creation and not an energy drain for me. Shhhhh!