Thursday, April 4, 2013

More negative reactions . . .

My post yesterday sharing good news about the Senate's proposed budget was based on a very narrow focus around revenue with flexibility.  With a day for review and analysis, we are beginning to see additional  negative responses.  I also had a chance this morning to speak with a member of the House who shared significant issues she has with this budget proposal.  Here is one negative reaction from Superintendent Dorn  sharing the following areas of concern.

  • It does not improve early learning. 
  • It eliminates dropout prevention and other student support programs. 
  • It changes testing requirements, which will lead to fewer graduates. 
  • It effectively eliminates state funded Career and Technical Education. 
  • It is not sustainable, responsible budgeting. 

Here is one from the League of Education Voters sharing what they consider significant omissions.  This post also shares that the budget contains only $760 million in new money to meet the McCleary ruling and not the $1 billion identified yesterday.

  • limited funding for full-day kindergarten (details below);
  • no funding for K-3 class size reduction;
  • no increases in instructional hours or support for a college- and career-ready diploma–components of the 2009 legislation (HB2261) referred to in the McCleary v. Washington decision ordering the legislature to fully fund basic education by 2018;
  • no support for Common Core implementation; and

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