Friday, February 22, 2013

Uncomfortable, but necessary . . .

Yesterday, Scott Mitchell and I did a video for use in all buildings to "formally" introduce staff to how the Teacher Principal Evaluation Plan will become a part of our Classroom 10 work.  We used this method so that a common message could be delivered without having to bring people together or attend multiple meetings.  Though neither Scott or I like being in front of the camera, it made sense so we did it.

I'd like to say I enjoyed making the video, but that would not be the truth.  We first tried it in the Shadow Lake Library, but for technical and "performance " reasons our director, Dawn Wakeley, decided that we would move to the Central Office and use the large screen TV.  We did that yesterday and it turned out OK.  Two takes and no practice sessions isn't bad for two guys that would rather be in the background.
I have been video taped before while teaching in leadership classes that I joke about, but actually those sessions don't bother me.  I am comfortable with the content and the camera in the back is easily put out of my mind.  Standing in front of the camera, however, is nowhere near as easy for me.  I'm uncomfortable, my throat constricts, and I don't know where to look.  Even with all of this, the video does convey an important message; TPEP will not become the focus for our work, it will instead become another component of our Classroom 10 journey.

Principals will share the video in the next few weeks.  Once that is done, we will post it on the web page and I will share in a post to my faithful 79 readers.

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