Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breaking new ground . . .

Big night in the Tahoma High School gym as our league champion and second seeded Bears took on the Olympia Bears in the first round of the boy's basketball tournament.  This is the first league championship for the Bears in the South Puget Sound League and the first playoff game hosted  in our gym in many, many years.  It was truly a home crowd advantage as the yellow clad Bear fans rocked the house with the pep band, drum line, cheerleaders, and dance team.  Yes, I said yellow clad because the Bears from Olympia share the color blue, the twitter feed went out promoting yellow t-shirts.

The team responded by beating Olympia 68 to 57 advancing to the second round of the playoffs on Friday evening in Tacoma.

It was a great night, but the win creates a competing commitment for me as our Bear wrestlers will be shooting for their second state championship in a row Friday night at Mat Classic in the Tacoma Dome.  Many of you know that this has historically been my favorite high school sporting event, one that I have not missed attending on parts of Friday and Saturday for many years.  So, this is a welcome competing commitment created by our successful basketball team that I may be able to find a compromise for as both events will be in Tacoma.

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