Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Learning about 5D+ . . .

Our administrative team and Teaching & Learning coaches spent the day in our first of five Regional Implementation Grant (RIG) training days focused on implementing the new teacher evaluation model, the 5D+ from CEL.  For some, it was the first opportunity to learn about the various terminology and formats used by the developers to focus on instructional capacity and supporting teacher growth.  For others, it was a continuation of work we have been engaged with in other learning opportunities.

Reflecting on the day, I leave with the belief that we will find ways to make this requirement a positive contributor to our Classroom 10 journey.  It will require collaboration and the capacity to focus on adapting to a new reality, not one that was mandated, but one that supports our belief in the importance of instructional practice, growth over time, and feedback.  The tools in the model will increase our capacity for this focus.  The journey, however, will not be without bumps along the road as the process is complex, includes issues with emotional attachment for teachers, and will require new structures to become efficient and effective.

Though we know that some buildings have had opportunities to engage in conversations about 5D+, Scott Mitchellg and I are developing a video to formally introduce all staff to the model.  This will be followed by continued bargaining around the parameters for the work and introduction of the framework at all buildings.

By the way, our own  Shadow Lake Principal, Chris Everett, is one of  our trainers, chosen last year in a competitive process at the state level.

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