Thursday, May 31, 2012

A storm water focus . . .

Last night at Glacier Park Elementary I was fortunate to attend the Storm Water Neighborhood Workshop.  It was an opportunity for our students to show those in attendance their understanding of the storm water problem in the city and in the Puget Sound region.  Once again we need to thank Peter Donaldson from the Friends of the Cedar River for his leadership and support in this work and in other initiatives in our school system.  Through Peter's leadership we have partnered with the City of Maple Valley to educate our young people and our community about the importance of managing storm water.

We finished the evening by visiting the newly constructed rain garden and the Glacier Park gardens.  Cathy, Kyobi, and Susie were gracious hosts and the Glacier Park students were the stars of the show.

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John said...

I worked with Peter to develop the rain garden that sits outside of the CSC (I should actually say that I provided the kid-power...didn't really do much). Great guy. His entire department is full of excellent, dedicated people who have a passion for protecting our environment. They provided an excellent education for my students, as well as a fun opportunity for some of my kiddos to build an actual, working rain garden, one that is still working today (although I think it may need some weeding...). Great partnership Tahoma!