Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not stopping . . .

I found an additional video showing some famous faces thanking teachers during this special week.  It was posted on Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer and in a little over a minute you will hear from a number of people sharing the importance of a great teacher in their lives. 

Watching the video once again makes me so thankful for our teachers.  They work under difficult conditions with our buildings FULL, class sizes growing, and no relief in site for the crowded conditions.  They impose high standards on themselves and our students achieve at high levels.  Given this current reality, we are blessed to have committed teachers who adapt to the conditions and continue to pursue excellence.  My hope is that they and we can continue to sustain this performance until we can find a solution that our community can support. 

So, one more time THANK YOU!

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Scott Mitchell said...

Thank you Mike for sharing this week. Teachers make such a huge difference in the world. In my family, I was number 30 to become an educator and 5 of my cousins have since become educators. I thank all those in my family for making a difference. I thank my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Sams for instilling a love of reading, I thank my 5th grade teacher for encouraging me to do my best, i thank my junior high teacher Ms. Hatch for giving me the tools to be a better writer, I thank Mrs. Oliver for teaching me the tough lesson of learning that I get what I work for (an F in geometry), I thank my HS teacher Mrs. Schuck for making history come alive, and I thank my dad for teaching music and making my education well rounded. I could go on for ever of how different teachers touched my life, but the biggest influence was a college professor who told me my senior year that I was a great participant in class, wonderful at tests, but that I wrote like... She said let me work with you for 4 hours. In that 4 hours Dr. Yakasake taught me how to write a basic, well organized paragraph and that changed how I felt about my own knowledge. Thank you to every teacher out there.