Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the lighter side . . .

Time for a post with not so much substance so I’m going to Daniel Pink’s webpage where he at times posts what he calls emotionally intelligent signage. They send a message to the reader - I particularly enjoy the ones that use humor.

Back in the old days, when an international team of Ph.D. social scientists and veteran graphic designers first conceived the idea of emotionally intelligent signage in a series of secret all-night meetings in my garage*, the term had a particular meaning.

The idea was that signs could be more effective — that is, they were more likely to produce the desired behavior — if they: a) expressed empathy with the viewer; or b) elicited empathy in the viewer. The concept has widened a bit since then, particularly with examples of signs using humor to make their point.

Below are some examples from his site.

On days like today when we host an inservice and the parking lot is full, I think I would like to have a sign in one of my preferred spaces that says something like this.


Teaching and Learning said...

love the last sign - I think that one may be made for me. Dawn Wakeley

Shelly Gaston said...

I think we could use the last part of the last sign to convince people to do just about anything we want!