Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012 . . .

April 22nd of each year is Earth Day, a time for us to reflect on the earth and our interactions with it.  You can read more at the Earth Day Network an organization focused on ensuring that our interactions with the world result in future generations being able to enjoy what we experience today or, if possible, the earth that earlier generations enjoyed.  All of us have a responsibility to reflect on our actions.  Whether we believe in global warming or not, we can and should do the small things that collectively will have a positive influence on our environment.  For me, that means a trip to the Enumclaw transfer station where I will recycle plastic, glass, tin, and assorted paper products.

On the Earth Day Network site I found a link to President Obama's proclamation about the 42nd annual Earth Day Celebration and sharing of the first Green Ribbon Schools competition.  I blogged about the competition here because we had three schools that received recognition at the state level.  Tomorrow, we will find out if Tahoma Junior High will be invited to Washington D.C. as a national winner.  I believe that this would be recognition well deserved for the commitment that these students and adults have for learning about their environment and for implementing changes that result in energy savings and a greener earth.  Thanks to a lot of people for the time and commitment that went into applying for this award including Kevin Patterson, Nancy Skerritt, Lori Cloud, Dawn Wakeley, and Rob Morrow.

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