Thursday, April 26, 2012

More reporting . . .

I tried to blog last night, but Google once again is trying to get blogger users to switch over to Google Chrome and I didn’t have Crystal’s bypass handy. So, I’m sharing information a day later. I feel like a newspaper reporter with these last posts, but think it is important to share this information and celebrate these accomplishments.

Yesterday was the day when Glacier Park Elementary was recognized for achieving overall excellence for the fourth straight year. The number of years is impressive and being in the overall excellence category adds significantly to the accomplishment. Glacier Park was one of 275 schools being recognized by Superintendent Dorn and State Board member Frank for achievement as measured by the State Academic Achievement Index. It was exciting to be present while the Glacier Park representatives were called to the stage to receive the award on behalf of the entire staff.

Congratulations to the staff and students at Glacier Park for this significant honor that they once again achieved. The only negative at the ceremony was not having another school represent our work. We have had two and once three schools honored in the same year.

Though I am not by nature the jealous type, this second recognition has me somewhat blue. Tracy Krause, high school health and physical education teacher, was honored by the National Football League as their PE Teacher of the Year. This comes after being recognized in 2008 as the national PE teacher of the year by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and Washington state PE teacher of the year in 2005. These honors are well deserved and I am very pleased for him and thankful for his contributions and commitment to our young people and our school system.

So, why am I blue? It isn’t the $10,000 he received from the NFL or the $10,000 that goes to the high school PE program. It isn’t the free trip to New York where he received the award. It is because I am watching the draft on ESPN and he is an honored guest at NFL draft headquarters. Yes, he is in the room sharing that experience in person. Now, that is truly an honor. In the picture below, he is flanked by Steve Mariucci former head coach and now announcer on his left and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on his right.

Congratulations Tracy!

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