Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coming soon . . .

We have more good news to celebrate.  Tahoma Junior High is one of four nominees from Washington state for the national Green Ribbon Schools award.  This is a new competion out of the federal education office honoring schools that are:
  • Increasing environmental and sustainability literacy 
  • Reducing the school's environmental footprint 
  • Creating a healthy community for students and staff
Secretary Duncan will announce the winners on April 23rd who will then go to Washington D.C. for the recognition ceremony on June 5th.  I was told yesterday that all four of the state's nominees may actually qualify for the trip and recognition.  Regardless of the outcome, we are proud of the school's accomplishment and dedication to the focus on energy conservation and the environment.

Tahoma High School and Glacier Park Elementary submitted an application and were also honored with a Washington State Green Leader School award.  The High School received recognition at the Pillar 2 level; the school improves the health and performance of students and staff.  Glacier Park received recognition at the Pillar 3 level;  100% of the school's graduates are environmentally and sustainability literate.  Once again, thanks to these schools for their commitment to this work and congratulations on this accomplishment.

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Jonathan said...

Good news is so much better than bad news. Way to go TJH! Congrats to GPES and THS, too! This is an example of another way Tahoma School District #409 is helping the world.