Monday, January 30, 2012

Seeking reasons for a waiver . . .

In an earlier post I asked for some feedback on how our system should respond to the opportunity to file for a waiver for making up the days lost to the recent storm. I received three comments and an e-mail response with the commenters sharing the importance and need for the 180 days of instruction. The one issue that emerged in more than one was the unknown of potentially losing more days during the year requiring us to go further into June and the hardships that this might cause for individuals.

In this Tacoma News Tribune Post we are beginning to see what some surrounding districts have chosen to do.

• Tacoma – Looking into waiver possibilities.
• Sumner – Scheduled two of the lost four days, undecided on whether to apply for a waiver for the remaining two days.
• Federal Way – Will make up all four days, two in May and two at the end of the year.
• Puyallup – Scheduled three make-up days, one in March, one in May, and one at the end of the year.
• Steilacoom – Scheduled four make-up days, one in March, one in May, and two at the end of the year.

At this time, we have scheduled our four make-up days for the end of the year and have left open the potential for a waiver. We will schedule a discussion and decision for a future board meeting. As we prepare for that meeting I would like to know reasons why we should consider the waiver opportunity. I believe that we should make up the four days, but I am open to being influenced.  Other than the hardships identified in comments to my earlier posts, what other reasons should we consider in making this decision?


Jonathan said...

Again, I believe we should make up the school days, but here is something to consider. Seattle schools are asking for a waiver for monetary reasons.

They predict around a $500,000 savings from food and transportation costs.


a teacher said...

I hate to lose valuable teaching days, but the last 3 days of June are not valuable teaching days. Let's use a waiver day, or if it had been possible, use our Feb. or April break. The last 3 days of June means my assessments are already done. My report cards are done and I am winding up the school year. I know many secondary classrooms are showing videos and presenting projects. At the elementary level we are doing enriching activities and quite honestly, crowd control because kids and parents are done.
Let's ask for a waiver and think towards next year and consider where snow days really should be made up if we don't want to lose valualbe teaching/learning days. The valuable teaching days have already been lost.By the time June rolls around I've already adjusted my teaching. I had to in order to keep up with district time lines. 3 days at the end of the school year benefits no one.