Friday, January 27, 2012

Comments and expanded visibility . . .

So far I have three comments from my last post on waivers for the weather emergency.  Thanks to Scott for also sharing the post in an e-mail that may result in a few more comments.  I'll give others a chance to respond before sharing again.

Today I received an e-mail notification that an excerpt form one of my posts was chosen by School Administrator Magazine for sharing in the Best of Blog section of the February magazine.  This followed sharing full posts I think for a month earlier this year.  I'm wondering who has the resources to follow education posts and then decide which should be shared.  The excerpt is the one below.  Sharing this will certainly not impress the reformers or others supporting changes to teacher and principal evaluations.  Who knows, I could find my name on some list of those to avoid if this keeps up.  I don't know if  I like this expanded visibility.  I am learning first hand that once online you lose control.  It is like having no control over the volume knob, I like it Minimum not MAX!

“I think it is unfortunate that in our state and in states around the country millions of dollars are

being spent to create evaluation models whose stated purpose is to support teacher growth over

time, but whose intent is to get rid of ‘bad’ teachers.”

From “The Frenzy for Accountability” by Michael Maryanski (superintendent, Maple Valley, Wash.)

in his blog, Seeking Shared Learning

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