Sunday, June 19, 2011

My best teacher always . . .

With the close of another school year, I thought I would share this FLYPAPER post that shares some research done by a ninth grade student working at the Thomas Fordham Institute.  She was asked what makes a good teacher so she came up with her top three reasons and then did a research study with 9-11th graders at her school.  Her top three reasons are shared below.

  • A teacher who answers all questions and makes sure every student understands the material.
  • A teacher who takes time aside from the school time to give extra time and support.
  • A teacher who is fun and enjoyable to be around.
Her research consisted of ranking the top 10 qualities of a good teacher.  The top choices of her classmates were similar to hers with checking for understanding number 2.  The least important quality was giving little homework.  In the post she cites a research study I posted about in December 2010 also asking students similar questions.

In this March 2010 post I shared what some of our high school students said were the qualities of their favorite teachers.  Once again the responses are similar, focused on expectations, energy level, support, and relationship. These are qualities that we must consider as we reflect on this year and look towards another year with the opportunities it will bring us.  As we look at the characteristics of our Classroom 10 instructional model, where do these qualities fit?  Should we be doing an annual survey of our students to learn what they view as the qualities of good teaching?

Before we start planning for next year, however, please take some time for fun, rest, and relaxation. 

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