Friday, June 10, 2011

A memorable graduation . . .

This evening we celebrated graduation with family and friends of over 500 students from the Tahoma High School class of 2011. As always, it was a wonderful evening with messages from valedictorian Cort Hammond, salutatorian Emily Duerson, teacher Gretchen Wulfing, Board President Mary Jane Glaser, and Principal Terry Duty.

The highlight of the evening was being able to watch Zack Lystedt walk across the stage to receive his diploma. This young man's journey from near death to the stage this evening is a remarkable accomplishment making this an even more memorable occasion. To honor Zack, Terry announced the Establishment of a new award, the Zackery Lystedt Award.  It is to be presented annually to a deserving senior that exemplifies the commitment and perseverence that Zack has demonstrated.

Because of my position in the district, I am very fortunate to be able to share this evening with our graduates and their family and friends. It is an honor to participate and to accept the graduates as having met the standards established by the State of Washington and the Tahoma School District. There is much to be proud of when shown the list of accomplishments these young people achieved.  Thank all of you for your commitment and support of the graduates on their journey with us.

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Mrs. Clemsen said...

I agree. I was lucky enough to attend this year because I had a graduating senior. So many of the students graduated with honors. Although graduation focuses much on the high school portion of a child's educational career, I couldn't help but feel proud for all the elementary school teachers who also contributed to the success of those students. A couple of students in my fourth-grade class walked with that same best friend they had in elementary school. So much effort goes into shaping the minds and emotions of these young people. It is exciting to see so much talent leave the halls of Tahoma High School. But yet, there is sadness as well for I fear that those cute, bright faces in my class today may not have as many opportunities available to them because of budgetary constraints. I want them to have the same opportunities available to develop their greatness.