Monday, January 17, 2011

More learning walks . . .

Tomorrow, the district administrators will be at Lake Wilderness Elementary to do walk throughs.  I am excited to have some elementary teacher leaders join us for this learning opportunity.  Our learning goals for the day are to:
  • Develop a shared understanding of what key content and checking for understanding looks and sounds like in classrooms.
  • Practice sharing data collected in a way that is non-judgmental.
  • Use our noticing and wondering to support a building principal and leadership team to consider next steps on the Classroom 10 journey.
We will be sharing what we notice and wonder as we script what teachers and students do and say and then use the Classroom 10 documentation to identity interactions around key content.  It is our opportunity as leaders to internalize the documentation and to assess ourselves individually and collectively on our recognition of interactions around key content and checks for understanding.  It will also provide us with an opportunity to use and provide feed back on data collection tools.

Thanks in advance to Laurel and to her teachers for supporting our learning as district administrators and teacher leaders.

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