Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Board passes the bond resolution . . .

This evening, the School Board took action on a resolution to bring a bond measure before the community on April 26th. Included in this bond measure are needed repairs and upgrades to current buildings and, most importantly, adding quality classroom and support spaces for current and future Tahoma students and staff.

One of the drivers for this bond is the projected increase in enrollment of 1700 students between now and 2020. At a cost of $125 million, it is intended to provide quality learning environments through the year 2020. It is a continuation of the building and renovation projects begun with the successful 1997 bond measure that was designed to provide sufficient classroom space through 2005. This date was extended by expansion at Tahoma Junior High and  placing portables at multiple sites. With the projected increase of 1700 new students there is a need to increase the number of classrooms and support spaces to maintain the structure and quality of current programs.

Look here for a more detailed review of the planning process and projects included in the bond measure.

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