Sunday, January 9, 2011

Football and snow . . .

Sorry, I can't pass up sharing the Seahawk experience.  I haven't really been actively involved in games for the past couple of years, but yesterday was an exception.  Wow, long touchdown passes and the best touchdown run I can remember by a Seahawk ever.  Still hoarse as I sit here thinking about it and wishing we could have at least one more game.  It could happen if the Hawks beat the Bears and the Packers beat the Falcons.

Now, on to something more important, the possibility of snow later this week.  The only good news is that the forecast is changing from the possibility of many inches on Wednesday to a few.  That is still too many for me.  You can read about the updated  forecast on the Cliff Mass Weather Blog.  He is usually pretty accurate, though I can't make much sense of the charts and graphs.  We don't need another day lost to weather, but chances are good considering this forecast and that we are now entering what are the normal months of worry for us, January and February.  Hopefully, there won't be any problems in the morning.

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