Sunday, November 7, 2010

We need more ideas . . .

I want to continue to focus on the bond with this post.  In a comment to Thursday's post, Stacy says that parents need to see a timeline for project completion and they need to know what will happen if the bond doesn't pass.  Christel adds to this the impact on learners and the impact on taxes when passed.

What other ideas do you have.  You have an opportunity to influence what we will include in our fact sheet.  This is an important document for some who want to understand the need and impact on them before they cast their ballot. 

Another priority is any ideas you may have about ensuring that parents register and vote.  It is difficult for me to understand why so many parents that are registered didn't vote in the last levy election.  As I shared, only about 2500 of the 6000 who are registered returned their ballot.  Why?  Is it complacency?  Do they not support us and make their statement by not voting?  How can we overcome this?  I welcome your thoughts.

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stacy said...

My husband does not vote. Drives me crazy, but he dosen't. He says that our system of policitcs is so corrupted that even if he backs the policies, somehow smarmy policitcians find a way to work only for their agendas.
I think a lot of people registered, feel the same. Why vote, when it most likely will not matter? I do not think our community does not value us, but... maybe there is a greater power at work here. Something related to the basic policitical rallying. I am worried though, it was made clear no new taxes in the last election. I still belive if we lay it all out on the table good, bad, all the plans, when things would happen, when they would see completion, it might register better with the people. There are a lot of people out there like my husband.