Monday, June 30, 2014

The real last . . .

Today was my last contract day as superintendent of our school district.  Once again, I want to thank the many people who attended events and shared with me their appreciation for my contributions to our learning journey over the years.  I leave the position feeling good about what we accomplished and better about those I leave who will continue our journey.  We have a quality school board, strong building leadership teams, and central office leadership led by Rob to support future learning and the many transitions made possible by the new high school.

After 1180 posts and 139,312 total page views I am putting my blog on hold.  At some point I will probably start again as I'm already feeling the tension when I read my RSS feeds.  One goal I didn't make was to reach 100 members falling short by eight.  That tension adds to the possibility of starting again in the future. So, keep me in your feed and watch for a return, probably about legislative time when there will be much to think about.

One last thing is to share my tattoo.  I've had this for a number of years thanks to a birthday present from my son.  It captures how I see myself and what I will always be, Papa Bear!  I am proud to wear it and look forward to having an opportunity next year to support the journey in a small way.  Thanks to Rob and the Board for believing that I still have something to add.


David Aaby said...

Congratulations on your retirement Mike. Thank you for your years of service and leadership. You have left a tremendous legacy Papa Bear! Best wishes to you in your retirement.

Scott Mitchell said...

I second the sentiments of Dacid and wish you nothing but the best. As an avid reader of your blog and a big commenter ( as well as a guest blogger at least once), I will truly miss the opportunity to hear your take on things in our education world, your ability to find those interesting tidbits from the web, and commentary that allowed the reader to think, and question, not just read your blog. Your thoughts will be missed. Enjoy every minute of your time with your family and especially those grandchildren that I know you love so much. Happy Retirement Papa Bear!