Thursday, June 12, 2014

More important than Gates . . .


I was next going to post about the Gates Foundation recommendation for a two year delay in using Common Core tests for teacher evaluation, but something far more important took place this evening. The Tahoma High School Class of 2014 walked across the stage at the White River Amphitheater and received their diplomas.  I was once again had the privilege of accepting the class and presenting them to the Board and presenting them for recognition by those in attendance.

So many things went through my mind as I experienced graduation this evening from the stage for the last time.  Above all the feelings was one of gratitude and pride.  Gratitude that I had the opportunity to have a small influence on these young people's experience in our schools and pride in their accomplishments individually and collectively.  I thank them and their families for this achievement in their lives and wish them success in their new learning and career experiences.

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Jonathan said...

I looked through the graduation photos that were sent out today and was thinking of how many students you have influence in your long and distinguished career. With so many things in education beyond our control, you put yourself in positions of influence and fulfilled your responsibilities with dedication, inspiration and grace. I am proud to have worked alongside of you and I know your influence with continue to resonate for a very long time (though sometimes with cognitive dissonance).
Congratulations on your commencement to what’s next.
Sincerely, Jonathan