Thursday, April 17, 2014

Announcing awards recipients . . .

Yesterday, OSPI announced the 413 schools to be recognized as 2013 Washington Achievement Award winners.  The awards are  based on a combination of factors that combine the state's Accountability Index with federal accountability criteria embedded in the ESEA waiver.  The Achievement Index ratings are now based on a review of state assessment data over the previous three years with a major focus on growth over time for all students while the previous ratings were focused on the percentage of students meeting standard.

What does this mean for Tahoma?  It means that for the first time we do not have multiple schools being recognized for this honor.  It means that the structures we have in place must change to better support growth over time for all students. Given that I am pleased to share that Tahoma High School is once again being recognized for this honor and will receive their award on April 24th at a ceremony at Timberline High School.  The high school is being honored in the category of “high progress”.  Schools that qualify for this honor are in the top 10% of schools making the most progress in the performance of all students over the last three years in reading and math using both proficiency rates as well as improvement from year to year.  

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