Thursday, April 3, 2014

A bonus . . .

Winning Juniors
I had the opportunity this afternoon to work with one of our principals on a a comprehensive evaluation. During the conversation I learned that later in the afternoon he was facilitating a conversation with a group of math teachers focused on supporting students needing to meet the math graduation standard.  I decided it would be important for me to stay and observe the conversation and was awarded with a bonus because it was also the spirit assembly day where the spring sport teams are introduced.

Balloon toss - no winner
I have been at some of these assemblies over the years, but this one was different as there were many seniors not in attendance.  Some are Camp Casey counselors and others are on a European trip.  In the absence of these seniors it seemed that there was not as much energy in the room to get the students engaged and teacher Mike Seger was also missing to whip them into a frenzy.  The juniors won the competition to see what class was the loudest followed by the seniors and then the sophomores. Even without the normal numbers and noise, it was still a rewarding experience for me being in the presence of these great kids and committed adults.  And, if you are counting with me, yes it is another LAST!

Drum Line setting the tone

Flag and Rifle Team

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