Monday, February 24, 2014

Moving the NCLB waiver forward . . .

Governor Inslee met Sunday with Education Secretary Duncan in an effort to continue the NCLB waiver after last week's Senate vote that did not meet the Secretary's criteria for removing the at-risk label.  There was a short article reporting the meeting in today's Seattle Times that I could not find online, but I found the same article in The Oregonian's OREGONLIVE.

The governor said in a statement that "there's a possibility to develop a positive path forward that has a realistic chance of success."

He says he'll talk next with state lawmakers and the superintendent of instruction about the state's options.

Any speculation on what that path might be?  We know that State Superintendent Dorn wanted to change language in the law to mandate use of state test scores in teacher evaluations and sponsored legislation that did not make it through the current session that would have met Duncan's criteria for continuation of the waiver.  We know that the Senate voted down legislation to make the language change partly because of other requirements added to the proposed bill.  So, what is the vehicle for a positive path forward?  

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