Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Huge relief and celebration . . .

Yes, both of our levies are passing well above the necessary 50%.  With the updated count today they are both above 60% with the Program and Operations at 60.90% and the Technology at 61.71%.  This is truly a celebration as they would pass under the old 60% requirement and come on the heels of our historic bond measure passage.  There are so many people to thank so I am always hesitant to list names, but I would be remiss if I didn't thank the following people for their leadership and commitment to this effort.  They are the ones spending many hours behind the scene organizing and planning as well as many hours engaging the community in multiple ways around the need for continuing these revenue sources.

Please share your thanks and appreciation with these individuals and the many others who donated their time to share the message and the need.

Community Members:  Erin Weaver, Casey Henry, Angela Stewart, Wendy Castleman, Sean Stewart, Sarah Gilbert, Joy Stramer
Staff:  Jen Dunham, John Schuster, Barbara Roessler, Kevin Patterson
Student Groups:  We The People, FBLA

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