Monday, January 20, 2014

The TPEP experience . . .
Based on feedback and data, we have decided to focus on TPEP and teacher growth in tomorrow's Teaching and Learning meeting with our administrative team.  We will spend time discussing the status of inquiry cycles with individual teachers on the comprehensive cycle and then support principals in reviewing the mid-year status of their comprehensive evaluations.

In reflecting on the content for the learning opportunity it makes me wonder how we are doing and what teachers are experiencing.  I have little direct feedback so I thought I'd ask for some with this post.  As a teacher in our system, how would you respond to the two questions below?

  1. What is the purpose of an inquiry cycle and how has it changed interactions with your supervisor?
  2. For those on the comprehensive cycle, how is this year's experience with your supervisor different and better than the experience in prior years?
Thank you for considering a response.


Scott Mitchell said...

I will comment on the experience of being on comprehensive. It has been such a rich learning experience. The discussion I have with my supervisor have caused me to reflect on each of my lessons and really think about how I teach on a daily basis. The questions that my supervisor is asking, force me to think about my teaching and why I am doing certain things during my instruction that are good and maybe not so good. I think as an educator, I always have areas to grow but this year, like none other in my career, I am am feeling that the conversations, questioning, and reflection are really causing me a good dissonance and making me think more about what I can do to become a better teacher in my classroom. The previous model, for the typical teacher, was a pat on a back and "hey you are doing a great job". The new model really is allowing us to have the conversations that a teacher and supervisor should be having and those are conversations that will lead to growth, at least for me. I hope that the experience I am having is happening across our system and that supervisors and teachers are having genuine, reflective conversations. What I do not want to see is another system that turns in to a check off system with no honest conversations. For me this has been an incredible learning opportunity and will be a benefit to my teaching for years to come.

Mrs. C said...

I volunteered to be on comprehensive this year. And, like Scott, I've found that the conversations that I've been able to have with my supervisor have really made me think more deeply about my lessons and what I do with kids on a daily basis. There are some "housekeeping" kinds of things that I'm confused about and what I need to do to go about fixing them, so I'm grateful for the after school study class that I'm attending tomorrow. As someone who has been teaching in Tahoma for almost 20 years, this process has allowed me to really see what my areas of celebration are and what my areas of opportunity are. Truly being able to see the distinction between the two is allowing me to grow and concetrate on the areas needing improvement. I am enjoying this process! I hope that the experience that I am having is happening across the district.