Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One of those days . . .

It was one of those days when you wonder where it went.  In the office at 6:30, first meeting at 7:00 and then nonstop from then on.  Sat down for the first time at my table about 5 greeted by 96 new emails and phone messages.  Left the office a little after 6 knowing the emails could wait until I got home.

So, why am I sitting here writing this blog with more energy than I normally have at 8 in the evening.  There are multiple reasons, but there are two with the greatest influence and both involve teaching.  My first meeting was with my central office colleagues Annette, Lori, Dawn, and Mark people I have great respect for and simply enjoy being with.  We meet biweekly in a breakfast meeting that over the last year I have been using to challenge their thinking and to share my thinking and experiences.  It is an opportunity to influence the mental models that they bring to situations and to encourage them to act in the moment from a balcony view, always considering how that in the moment thinking and decision will influence future interactions.

Later in the day I had the opportunity to teach components of our leadership work to supervisors, PSE members, and some of the PSE elected officials.  I am always energized by the opportunity to teach and find working with PSE staff and supervisors to be one of my most rewarding experiences.  Today proved to be another one of those times.  They always engage, ask great questions, and are so appreciative.  We've started these learning opportunities in the past, but for multiple reasons they don't sustain, a pattern I'm committed to changing by using my central office colleagues to co-teach.  Today, Dawn made this experience possible with little prior planning and a true commitment to supporting learning and growth for those engaged in the work.  I am truly appreciative of these opportunities.

It is now approaching 8:30 as I've done some other things while doing this post so I better get to those emails before I run out of energy.

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