Wednesday, June 5, 2013

From dreams to drawings . . .

This evening was another meeting of the High School Educational Specifications team with the responsibility to provide our architects with the information and direction necessary to begin the design for our new 9-12 high school.  I blogged about their work in earlier posts here , here and here .   We were pleased with the turnout of 26 committee members considering the weather, time of year, and change in meeting venue.

 One focus for the evening was on looking at options for how various functions might connect with each other to form a building footprint.  The chart below was used to identify major  building functions and the many options to consider for links to other functions in the building.

Conversations also included looking at these major functions and making decisions about how flexible the spaces could be and the square footage allocated to each.  These conversations are the beginning of making the difficult decisions necessary to design a school within a budget that makes sense in our community. Currently, the parameter is 140 sq/ft per student, slightly above the 130 sq/ft state matching allocation.

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