Thursday, March 21, 2013

The elevator speech . . .

We met today with the secondary school teacher leadership teams to create a deeper understanding of the connections between our Classroom 10 model and CEL's 5D instructional model, to share some draft documents integrating the two, and to seek feedback and direction as we continue our leadership journey.  Going into the conversations I had some mental models about the documents and what we needed to do to move the work forward that were influenced by what I was learning and hearing.  Because of this influence, I was able to suspend assumptions I had made and look forward to continued conversations to identify and create structures to assist principals and teacher leaders in supporting changes to classroom practice.

Early in the session I had the opportunity to share some of my thinking around the importance of principals and teacher leaders supporting and influencing the work of teachers and the role of the central office staff in supporting them.  I also suggested that those in leadership positions must develop a deep understanding of Classroom 10 and the 5D model and be able to demonstrate that understanding in an elevator speech.  We must be able to answer the question from a community member or colleague when asked what is this Classroom 10 thing and do so in 30-60 seconds, the amount of time one might have while sharing an elevator ride.

Can you do this?  It sounds easy, but in reality it is difficult to do.  Explaining a complex model in 30-60 seconds requires a deep understanding and the capacity to identify the critical components and beliefs that drive the work.  So, if you were asked this question how would you respond?  I would welcome comments from any reader.  Share in bullet format what you would say.  Remember, you have 30-60 seconds.  Need to brush up on Classroom 10?  Try this link for information.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mike. While I want to answer this, can you answer a question for me first? I sat through training yesterday about the TpEP and wondered why we are melding the two docs together? Is our own ego too big here? Are we not seeing the big picture, because we are holding on to the "tahoma way." We speak of suspending ladders here in Tahoma, can I ask where are you on the ladder with the TpEP and the fact we were forced by the state to choose a system we did not create? I am very concerned I going to be evaluated on a model that is confusing and blending it with another doc gets even more confusing. Since many of us are still have a working knowledge of classroom 10 and not an in-depth understanding, which is why it is difficult to explain.
So to answer your question, Classroom 10 is the districts vision for students. I felt the need to post this with all due respect to you and those who guide our system.