Thursday, March 14, 2013

A wonderful evening . . .

Last night I had the great pleasure with a number of other administrators of serving dinner to classified staff at the Junior High.  This has become an annual event that is one of the most enjoyable evenings for me of the school year.  It is a fun evening and an opportunity to show our appreciation for the contributions that these dedicated staff bring to our system and to our success.

Elected officials from state and city government were present as well as from our school board to share in the evening's events and to thank those in attendance for their work and commitment to young people.

Kyobi Hinami, Glacier Park Teacher, providing musical entertainment
Administrators from across the system took pride in being able to show our respect by serving and then cleaning up after the event.

Chris Thomas, Glacier Park Principal, serving 
One of the highlights of the evening for me was the "Rock Star" ovation that Bruce Zahradnik received only to be surpassed by that for Sean P. Kelly.  In comparison, it was a rather muted applause when I was introduced.  Another highlight was the message that Bruce gave.  As you may know, he is retiring at the end of this school year, something causing me anxiety and a deep sense of loss.  Over the last two years he has worked closely with many people in the room last night and has developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for their work.  It was evident in the words and the manner in which he shared his thoughts and feelings.  I know that his mental models have changed because he is assisting me in suspending assumptions so that I can better see reality and not my perception of it.  I believe that everyone was moved by his words.

Bruce Zahradnik

This is a great event that I hope continues to grow in numbers and recognition.  Thank you to PSE leadership for organizing this wonderful evening and for allowing me to share it with the many people in the room that contribute to our journey.

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