Sunday, January 27, 2013

One more reflection . . .

This is Peter meeting with a group of high school teachers and administrators Friday to share with us some of his work around the world and for us to share the work happening in our world.  I haven't had the opportunity to ask those in attendance what they thought, but I know from my conversation with Peter on the way back to Seattle that he is impressed with what we are doing and the journey we have chosen.  At a minimum I believe that he will assist us in connecting our students with organizations around the world focused on sustainable fishing and sustainable food chains.

When I first read The Fifth Discipline, the single most important book that has shaped my leadership journey, I never would have dreamed that the author would one day be sitting with a small group of us at Tahoma High School.  I have been so fortunate on this journey to work with incredibly dedicated people such as those in this picture and to have been gifted with the opportunity to learn from Peter.  Earlier Friday morning Peter presented at the E3 Washington meeting.  Once again, his words reinforced for me the importance for creating the capacity in a learning organization for reflective conversations and a foundation of communication  knowledge and skills.  I also left the meeting reflecting on my understanding and use of mental models and ladders of influence.  He shared them in a context different than what I normally use that created some dissonance for me.

We have made much progress on our learning organization journey that is continually affirmed for me in conversations with those inside and outside of our system.  We can take pride in these accomplishments while knowing that we still have much to learn and opportunities for growth as we find and implement structures for Common Core and TPEP.  We need a time, however, of stability with no more shifting targets for students or adults; a time to put to use the capacity we have created to reflect at the system level before putting into place adaptive changes to better meet the needs of young people and adults in our system.  I am so appreciative that I have the opportunity to be a part of this learning organization and look forward to these new learning opportunities.

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