Monday, January 21, 2013

Introducing Peter Senge . . .

Later in the week I will be attending two events sponsored by E3 Washington, an organization focused on education for sustainable communities.  Though I am not much of a "joiner", I did accept an invitation to become a board member of this organization.  Our school system has been recognized by them for our focus on sustainability and system thinking and I am honored to be in a position to support their work.

The first event is a Winter Evening With Peter Senge where Peter will engage with attendees in conversation regarding the link between the health and future vitality of our children, communities, economy, education, sustainability and systems learning.  If you follow our journey you know that my leadership beliefs have been influenced by Peter's writing and work.  I have had the opportunity to work with him as Chair of SoLEd and I am looking forward to the conversation Thursday evening.

Then, on Friday around noon I have the good fortune to bring Peter to our district for a visit.  When he committed to the E3 event he did so only after confirming that he would be able to visit Tahoma.  Unfortunately, we can't make it until about noon and with finals, early release, and needing to be back to Seattle by 4 it will be difficult for him to truly experience the quality work of our students and teachers.  It is an honor that he has chosen to spend time with us and I look forward to introducing him to our system.  Let me know if you are doing something Friday afternoon with system thinking and/or sustainability that Peter might enjoy seeing.

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