Monday, March 14, 2011

Legislative visit . . .

Today, we had a coalition of school and community groups meet with legislators to share our message about school district budgets.  We represented PTA, PSE, TEA, school board, principals, and Central office staff, ten in all.  Legislators continually tell us we are the only school community that visits them with a common message from representing this many organizations.

Our message was focused on our concerns with budget cuts and the need for the legislature to prioritize basic education in these difficult economic times.  We expect cuts, but have expressed our concerns with cuts that will go further than what we have experienced in the supplemental budget.  Unfortunately, we learned today that Thursday's revenue forecast will again show a decrease of between $.5 and $2 billion.  This is on top of the billions already cut and with a no tax commitment it will need to be made up with even deeper budget cuts.  The message was that public schools will not be immune from these cuts.  Just how deep they go may depend upon the message that individual legislators receive from their constituents.  Our legislators need to hear from us as they struggle with the difficult decisions that they face.


Scott Mitchell said...

In an email correspondence over the weekend with WEA, they were taken back by the approach that we take to Olympia and it shows a great sense of unity that truly shows who these cuts will hurt, the students. It is great to see the pictures of our diverse group meeting with our legislators, as one.

Jonathan said...

We should have a rally to get folks to contact the legislature to support education!

We may or may not get 60% to pass the bond to raise new taxes, but I bet we'd have close to 100% support from our community to spend our current tax funds on Tahoma schools.

I applaud your efforts to bring together so many voices in a unified message. They need to hear from us! Well done!