Thursday, March 17, 2011

Importance of partnerships . . .

Yesterday was a great day that reinforced for me the importance of partnerships. It started in the morning at the high school where I helped serve breakfast for students taking the HSPE. Hundreds of kids showed up for this second day and I am told it was the same this morning. We need to give many thanks to the high school PTA and to Kim Walley’s leadership for supporting our kids as they prepared for these days of testing. In the picture below are Kim, her daughter Jordan, chef Keith Corsack, and Lorri Owens.

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to share information on the bond measure with the Chamber of Commerce at their monthly luncheon. This organization stepped forward four years ago to support our technology levy campaign and has been there ever since. They were one of the first to endorse the bond measure and Executive Director Sue Van Ruff and President Karen Crowe have been a visible support in the community. Local businesses are also there supporting the needs of individual students and school organizations and clubs on an on-going basis.

The evening concluded with the 4th annual Classified Appreciation Dinner. Once again I found myself serving food and thoroughly enjoying the evening. We are blessed with a quality workforce that cares about our work and provides the supports necessary for success in our classrooms. Too often, their work goes unnoticed and under appreciated. For at least one day, last night was an opportunity to change that. It was fun and rewarding, heck I even shared a little about myself.

We were honored to have Superintendent Dorn at the dinner.  He had very nice things to say about our system and the culture that we have created.

So, in one day the importance of partnerships was reinforced for me in three separate activities. It carried over to this morning when twelve of us attended the Community Center’s annual fund raising breakfast, once again demonstrating the importance of partnerships and mutual support. I guess the only down side of the last 26 hours was all the eating I did, hard on a rather soft midsection. But, it didn’t keep me from eating lunch. Oh, well!

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