Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating 20 years . . .

On Friday evening the Rock Creek community celebrated birthday number twenty.  It is another reminder for me of how rapidly the years go by as I can remember many details of the process we used to staff the school and begin the Rock Creek journey.  Joan Watt, our first principal, set the stage for what has been an ongoing learning community journey focused on a culture of success.

As always, the PTA was a significant part of the evening with Joy Stramer, Jennifer Walker, and Carmen Lucero providing the vision and energy for the evening.  The multi-purpose room looked great and provided attendees with an opportunity to revisit the school's journey.  Many thanks to these individuals and the others that helped make this evening a success.  We also had a surprise visit from one of my favorite people, Michele Willson, who was principal at Rock Creek before Fritz.  She was warmly greeted by staff who have many positive memories of her leadership and support.

We were entertained by students from the school who shared their talents with Mr. Aaby providing entertaining MC services. The kids were great and and I learned that Taylor Swift has a huge following with girls at this age.  They were joined by staff members sharing their singing talent Mr. Sayan, Mrs. Rodriquez (also known as JRod), and Mrs. Folkerts and Mr. Gere dueling in Anything You Can Do.

Sitting through the celebration also brought up memories of the district's housing crisis at the time Rock Creek opened.  It is very similar to what we are experiencing today, though today's needs span more grade levels.  I'll share more of my reflections in a later post.  For now thanks to Rock Creek PTA and staff for this wonderful opportunity to celebrate this birthday.

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